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  • How should I store my pastry/cake?
    Always keep your product refrigerated, but not frozen, unless otherwise specified. Products can last a maximum of 45 minutes in an air-conditioned environment, after which they have to be consumed or stored again in the refrigerator immediately. Due to the hot and humid climate in Singapore, we highly encourage you not to leave your product at room temperature (30°C) for longer than 30 minutes. To fully enjoy our desserts, consume them when well-chilled. Macarons are best enjoyed after leaving them at room temperature for 15 minutes once taken out of the fridge.
  • How long can my pastry/cake last?
    Most of our products are best consumed within 2 days upon receipt, unless otherwise specified.
  • How early should I place my order?
    We accept orders at least 3 days in advance. Orders made after 6pm will be carried over to the next day.
  • How much is your delivery fee? Do you accept self-collection?
    We deliver islandwide at a flat fee of $15 per address per transaction. A $5 surcharge will be implemented for deliveries to Sentosa. When choosing your delivery time, please indicate a 3-hour time slot (from 11am-8pm). We only deliver within Singapore. ​ You may also self-collect from our address at 308 Woodlands Avenue 1, Lift Lobby A. Self-collections are from 11am to 8pm daily as well.
  • What is the minimum order for free delivery?
    Any order of $150 and above is entitled to a free delivery per address per transaction.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    You can pay via Credit or Debit Card upon checking out on our website. Alternatively, we accept payments via PayNow/PayLah to the number 98780936. Do leave us a message after making the transfer. Thank you.
  • What are other ways that I can purchase your pastries/cakes besides ordering through your website?
    You may simply drop us a WhatsApp or text message at +65 98196877. Alternatively, you may also Direct Message us on our Instagram page @chiak.patisserie.
  • Where else can I view your pastries/cakes?
    Please visit us at our Instagram page @chiak.patisserie to view our products and also get our latest updates.
  • How do I order for someone else?
    During Checkout: 1) Enter recipient's details under 'Shipping Details' 2) Enter your own details under 'Payment' page (uncheck the box saying 'Billing Address - Same as Shipping Address')
  • I'm currently overseas but would like to place an order for someone in Singapore. How can I do so?
    Please contact us directly via our website, WhatsApp (+65 98196877), or Instagram (@chiak.patisserie) and we will be more than happy to assist you in making the necessary arrangements.
  • What if I wish to place a corporate order?
    For enquiries on corporate orders, please feel free to contact us here, via WhatsApp (98196877) or on our instagram page.
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