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Chef Chiak’s journey in the pastry industry began at Antoinette, where he built up his foundation in pastry & baking. Following which, he enrolled in and graduated from Ferrandi Paris, an acclaimed French School of Culinary Arts, where he was trained in French pastry to be a professional pâtissier. He interned at the world-renowned Ritz Paris, a luxurious Parisian Palais.


While in Ferrandi, Chef Chiak worked alongside the school’s chefs conducting professional pastry classes and demonstrations to the public. He also participated in prestigious events such as ‘Salon de la Pâtisserie’ and ‘Taste of Paris’. There, he teamed up with professionals of the industry – including the chefs of the famous Ladurée Paris – to prepare haute desserts.


During his time in Paris, Chef Chiak’s exposure to the enchanting Parisian pastry scene has bestowed on him an extensive understanding and appreciation for French desserts. He is greatly inspired by the remarkable standards of both the French chefs and pastries alike.


From the buttery aroma of freshly baked tartes to the tantalising bites of chic macarons, Chef Chiak has made it his absolute ambition to share the same indulgences that he enjoyed in Paris. He does so by creating desserts that evoke intrigue and wonder – one bite at a time.

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